May 15, 2007 Damn Yankees

What do these troops in Kosovo and George Steinbrenner have in common?  Just another day of crowd control in Kosovo.

A fellow listserv member posted this New York Times article about George Steinbrenner’s strict limitations on movement of all stadiumgoers during the national anthem and "God Bless America" to the point of holding up handheld chains to prevent such moveement.

I have many happy memories of going to Yankee games when in high school, and experiencing the thrill of the many great players. Since then, Giuliani became mayor and over-sanitized New York City (including successful efforts at getting strip clubs out of Times Square, homeless people out of Penn Station, and fun out of New York). Now that Giuliani is no longer at City Hall, Steinbrenner has obliged the void with Star Spangled Banner-gate. They can play it without me.

Jon Katz

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