The inspiration of David Jones/David Bowie

Jan 12, 2016 The inspiration of David Jones/David Bowie

If physical death is but an artificial distinction — as my teacher Jun Yasuda told me — it still is a chance to reflect about the person who has left his or her body.

Striking things about the talk about David Bowie after his January 10 passing include how the mainstream media (for instance the New York Times and local WTOP radio) have embraced him as a musical icon, and in so doing have helped make further strides for accepting sexual orientation and the choice of multiple sexual partners (as previously confirmed by Bowie about his life before meeting Iman) as nothing more nor less than a choice for one to make for himself or herself, and for seeing supposedly outlandish and harmless behavior (for instance Bowie’s costumes and makeup during his Ziggy Stardust period) also as one’s own choice of personal or artistic expression.

Here is what has inspired and interested me about David Bowie, born David Jones-

Every time I hear  “Space Oddity” (apparently a play on the 2001-A Space Odyssey title), it gives me wonderful pause and fascination.


Deeply thanking and bowing to David Bowie.

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