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DEA bans three additional synthetic cannabinoids

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Last year, I blogged about the five synthetic cannabinoids banned by the DEA through statutory scheduling provisions.

In the ever-continuing exercise of cat and mouse between manufacturers of synthetic cannabis (continually changing the ingredients in response to changes in the law) and law enforcement (wasting scarce resources going after consensually consumed substances rather than focusing on more serious actions including murder, rape and robbery), the DEA recently added three more additional synthetic cannabinoids to the banned list: UR-144, XLR11 and AKB48.

At what point will consumers of synthetic cannabinoids see real marijuana as less risky than the imitation version? Probably only once marijuana can be purchased at the same legitimate retail outlets that sell the synthetic product, and maybe only once marijuana in one’s urine no longer threatens one’s livelihood, seeing that the synthetic ingredients apparently do not get revealed in drug tests that are currently used by employers.