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Dealing with fish tales from witnesses and politicians

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For criminal defense lawyers, Hillary Clinton’s Pinochiotales featured in the above YouTube video — thanks to Jonathan Turley for posting it — are but variations on themes that many clients and opposing witneses bring our way.

Until I last checked around 7:00 p.m March 24, Clinton’s campaign tried getting as much mileage as it could from her Tulka trip fantasy, including his promotion and his slam on Obama. The Associated Press reports: “Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign said she ‘misspoke’ last week when saying she had landed under sniper fire during a trip to Bosnia as first lady in March 1996. She later characterized the episode as a ‘misstatement’ and a ‘minor blip.'” If Clinton wins the election, will she forgive the culture of snitch lying to convict others as minor blips? Or, on the flip side, will she push to minimize the extent and intensity of prosecutions for obstruction of justice and perjury, by forgiving the allegedly offending statements as minor blips? I await a better explanation from Clinton on this Pinocchio-gate, but am not holding my breath. Jon Katz

ADDENDUM: Hillary Clinton’s campaign has spent more energy focusing on lashing out at Obama than to explain Clinton’s Pinochio-gate described by the video displayed above.