Deeply thanking and bowing to my departing assistant Nick Mugge

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Jan 23, 2014 Deeply thanking and bowing to my departing assistant Nick Mugge

Nearly three years ago, a man named Nick Mugge interviewed with me to be my part-time legal assistant, joining my full-time legal assistant. I correctly sensed that he was at once a kind and fearless person with a good work ethic and a true interest in our law firm’s work. With the exception of two semesters that made him unable to work for me, Nick has been an essential part of our team.

Nick has a compelling personal story that he shared with me the first day we met. Be advised that the video here about Nick is very moving.

When I moved across the river to Fairfax, Virginia, last July, Nick came with me, ostensibly until his University of Maryland fall semester began. Then, when I asked him to post a Craigslist ad for his replacement, Nick said he was available to continue with me. Yow What music to my ears that Nick was going to drive from Maryland to Virginia to continue as a part-time assistant.

With plenty of advance notice, Nick told me that his upcoming winter 2014 semester prevented him from further working part-time, but he will be available for ad hoc work as his schedule allows, and will be available as an ongoing resource for his replacement. How is that for wonderful continuity?

Nick’s last day is tomorrow. I would have been blessed to have known and worked with him for only a semester. He has remained much longer than that.


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