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Did CVS set up an innocent prescription drug customer?

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As the “drug wars” rage, one would expect a safe harbor in orderng, purchasing, and using medicine pursuant to a valid prescription. So thought Anne Lenhart, until her local CVS pharmacy allegedly set her up to be arrested for an alleged prescription fraud that never happened, because she ordered a prescription refill pursuant to her doctor’s lawful prescription.

What went awry at CVS that this would have happened? If a pharmacy chain as huge and well-financed as CVS — with substantial funds to properly train and supervise its employees — can blunder so terribly, will the same blunder happen at less well-financed pharmacies? To what extent did, or did not, the DEA or orther federal government agencies encourage circumstances that led to this blunder?

At this point, Lenhart’s allegations against CVS are just that, allegations. However, if the situation did not happen, CVS likely would have denied them, rather than merely saying the company does not comment on pending litigation.

Thanks to Ms. Lenhart’s lawyer, Jeff Benton, and his assistant for having provided me a copy of the complaint filed in court on Ms. Lenhart’s behalf, in Ann Lenhart v. CVS Caremark Corporation, et al., Dallas County Court Cause No. CC1202591D. A Google search (site:cvs.com Lenhart) finds no results nor comments on CVS’s website on the matter.