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Did the search warrant give a green light for caninicide?

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Nearly two years ago, Prince George’s County, Maryland, police committed caninicide on the Berwyn Heights mayor’s two dogs in a drug search that turned up nothing. Pathetically, it seems that the only thing remarkable on a national basis about the raid and caninicide was not the dog shooting, but that the mayor was the target rather than an anonymous person in a county that has a wretchedly long history dehumanizing police history in dealing with criminal suspects.

Caveat emptor in watching the above February 2010 video — Missouri police-made — in which police in apparent overkill mode shoot two dogs (one dead and the other in the leg), and find nothing more than a small amount of marijuana. Let alone the side effects of the caninicide and raid on the parents in the house, consider the deep trauma it must have inflicted on young child. And for what? A small amount of marijuana.

Thanks to Stop the Drug War, Marijuana Policy Project, and Jonathan Turley for posting on this story, including the above-posted video.

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