Diplomacy must trump Trump’s bellicose tweets – and athletes are free to kneel

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Sep 24, 2017 Diplomacy must trump Trump’s bellicose tweets – and athletes are free to kneel

Donald Trump as president is a scary and sad reality. He was never fit to sit in the White House. He made his money despite his perpetual thin-skinned, undiplomatic name-calling immaturity.

Many talented non-Trump-admirers have joined Trump’s administration, which might counterbalance Trump’s excesses. Thank goodness someone at as high a level as National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn publicly dissented from Trump’s responses about the Charlottesville violence. Those leaders in Trump’s administration who remain silent about such Trump blunders risk that silence harming their names.

Nothing I say is going to convince Trump to resign nor Congress to impeach him. The general election presented the rotten choice between a hugely unpopular Hillary Clinton (I held my nose when voting for her, after holding my nose voting for Bernie Sanders in the primary) and an even worse Donald Trump, whose approval ratings are mediocre at best, underlining that plenty of his voters also held their noses when doing so. Consequently, I speak here to the rest of the nation and world.

Trump’s bellicose, name-calling United Nations speech (min. 1:55) and tweeting about North Korea’s government and leader serve no beneficial purpose. Diplomacy backed by strength must continue, and continue well.

Trump’s pre-emptive tantrum in withdrawing his White House invitation to the Golden State Warriors could have been replaced with keeping the invitation open until answered, and acknowledging the public’s right peacefully to dissent from the government, including by declining his White House invitations.

Trump’s invective against NFL athletes who kneel rather than stand during the national anthem would have better been replaced by Trump’s expressing his understanding for the reasons why these athletes kneel and confirming people’s lawful right peacefully to protest, while still stating his disagreement about the kneeling.

Children are at risk of learning the wrong lessons from Trump about how the presidency and government should be run, and about the government’s relationship with the people.  Fortunately, he does not have a monopoly on that lesson. He needs to be a one-term president.

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