Don’t let tyrants sleep: Gaddafi and his hired murderers must stop

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Feb 25, 2011 Don’t let tyrants sleep: Gaddafi and his hired murderers must stop

Gaddafi is being pilloried left and right for murdering anti-Gaddafi demonstrators, and I confirm the obvious, that I deplore the murders.

I opposed the Chinese government’s murders of democracy activists in 1989 in Tiananmen Square, and I deplore Gaddafi’s murders that are ongoing.

Why did the Chinese government emerge from Tiananmen mainly undefeated and with continued huge flows of capital in and out of its country, whereas Gaddafi is going down in flames? Aside from the different political and cultural histories of both countries, China’s post-Mao era does not tie its political fortunes closely to one leader, whereas Gaddafi has dominated Libyan politics for four decades. For another thing, China by now is a tremendously powerful player in the economic world, and can do substantial damage to the world economy if it decides to retaliate against heavy pressure on China about its human rights record (and the pressure needs to be heavy), whereas Libya’s role on the world stage is immensely dwarfed by China’s, although Libya’s world influence certainly is enhanced by its being one of the few producers of sweet oil.

Of course, let us not allow all the attention being paid to Gaddafi’s human rights violations to be the expense of focusing on other governments’ human rights violations. Human rights must be protected wherever they are violated and threatened.

Don’t let tyrants sleep.

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