Donald Trump is the most dangerous of the leading presidential candidates

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Nov 22, 2015 Donald Trump is the most dangerous of the leading presidential candidates

Until now, I have ignored Donald Trump on my blog, hoping he would fade away. He has not. He appeals to those tired of political business as usual (as I am also tired), xenophobes and worse, and the foregoing add up to a large chunk of the Republican and independent voting base.

Presidential campaigning sadly includes overkill against protesters and sometimes even those covering the protestors, and huge buffer zones to keep protesters at bay during presidential conventions. Both Democrats and Republicans are Tweedledum-Tweedledee-responsible for this state of affairs, as I and others have covered herehere (with the updated footage hereherehere, and here. Trump security pens in journalists to keep them away from attendees and protestors at Trump rallies.

Of all the leading presidential candidates during my lifetime, Trump is the most dangerous for whipping up mob abuse, racism, and civil liberties violations. He comes the closest to Martin Sheehan’s Gregg Stillson presidential candidatge character in Dead Zone, who picks up a child to shield himself from an assassin’s rifle, and will launch nuclear war to “fulfill his destiny” if elected . Trump knows insufficient self restraint were he to become president.

Yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama, took the cake for my standing blog-silent on Trump up to now, when he frenzy-whipped mob action (I counted only one black person among security personnel or the mob, who seem to be at the same place at once in the video) on a black protestor — with attendees seeming to cheer the mob action — insisting to nobody in particular several times to get the protestor out of there, including to get him “the hell out of here” followed by insisting that no Trump appearance will allow his microphone, as Trump purports to have recently happened to Bernie Sanders’s mike. If the video footage is authentic (and it overlaps Trump’s voice from the legitimate-looking parallel video of Trump repeating to get the protestor “the hell out of here”), a manhandling mob in the audience gladly obliges Trump’s call to eject him. The protestor says he punched back after being punched, and was called racist epithets, as further reported by the Washington Post

Trump is a smart enough man to have known that his call to get the protestor “the hell out of here” would have spurred manhandling mob action. Had Trump wanted to avoid excess in removing the protestor, he could have quietly or at least specifically asked for security to remove the protestor. ADDENDUM (11/24/15): Worse, Trump said during the weekend of November 21-22, 2015, that maybe roughed-up demonstrator Mercutio Southall should have been roughed up. Trump is dangerous beyond a loose cannon, unless he is kept out of governmental office.

Hope springs eternal that Trump’s more level-headed supporters will see the excessive dangerousness of Trump and turn away from him, and that Trump’s tirade to get him “the hell out of here” will be such a turning point.


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