The Paris massacre- What to do about ISIL and other groups bent on murder?

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Nov 15, 2015 The Paris massacre- What to do about ISIL and other groups bent on murder?

Mass murder and terrorism are so common throughout each year that if I blogged about each such instance, this blog would be transformed from a criminal defense blog to a blog on mass murder and terrorism.

A risk of particularly publicizing mass murders of higher numbers of people is that such widespread publicity might encourage mass murderers to plan to kill more people than otherwise. Nevertheless, I will point out the following about the November 13, 2015, Paris murders:

– Every life is precious. My addressing the Paris massacre is not meant to minimize the seriousness and significance of terrorist and murderous acts elsewhere.

– Even if the Paris massacre was a reaction to France’s attacks on ISIL, that does not justify retaliation targeted at civilians. (Of course, how often do civilians get killed and injured by Western force attacks on ISIL, even though not intended?)

– If ISIL was behind the Paris massacre, a tough part of containing and ending ISIL’s activities is that ISIL uses murder as an end in itself.

– Would ISIL exist had the United States military never invaded Iraq in 2003 and worked to dismantle the regime of Bashar al-Assad’s regime? Both United States military actions helped create the power vacuums that ISIL was more than happy to work to fill.

– Paris is the first place I ever visited outside of the Eastern time zone. In 1978, I arrived in Paris with around fifty other high school students to travel two weeks around France and study French in the morning for three weeks in Nice. French is my second language.

– I probably have walked nearby one or more of the Paris massacre locations.

– Terrorists will be more than happy for their actions to create rippling damage in the form of damage to civil liberties and economies. We saw the first happen after the September 11, 2001, murders with the PATRIOT Act, for instance, and the U.S. military’s subsequent huge operations in Afghanistan and Iraq certainly were far from beneficial to the economy.

Praying to the Paris massacre’s victims and families.

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