This week ends my excruciating weekslong blogging near-silence

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Aug 18, 2015 This week ends my excruciating weekslong blogging near-silence

For weeks while putting together my new webdesign and web platform (being launched this week), I have engaged in excruciating near-total silence on my blog. The transfer of my old blog entries to my new WordPress platform exposed a bug in the old software that had to be contained by my temporarily blocking new blog comments, and my relying on my webmaster to upload new blog entries using HTML language without use of WYSIWYG software (“What You See Is What You Get”). My webmaster had much behind-the-scenes and out-front work to do, and I reduced my blogging output for that reason, as well.

Then, today, I heard music to my ears today from my webmaster: All work is complete before my site goes live/gets launched by Wednesday, after final testing.

I love the new website, which will have the same web address as my static site ( ) and blogpage ( ). I deeply appreciate the great work and advice of my webmaster, second opinion webmaster, website host, my wife, and my staff. You will know you are reading my new website when you see a blue masthead leading with “Fighting for your liberty every step of the way.”

This and all websites always are works in progress, and I will continue to make additions and improvements after going live, including placing a Spanish and French-language link to my masthead’s phrases that I speak both languages, getting the sidebar membership badges onto the homepage and about page that have no sidebars, adding photographs, and, of course, blogging several times weekly.

My now near-obsolete Frontpage-fueled 1999 website was launched by my own hand before many law firms had webpages, and I was a relatively early blogger when I started in 2006. Then, newer law firm websites and blogs took advantage of continually better website building and organizing approaches, while I kept adding good content to my site, but dragged my feet about doing a website redesign. However, Google’s updated approach of favoring websites that are responsive at once to desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones left me no choice but to overhaul my website. It is imperfectly akin to Japan’s and Germany’s becoming industrial leaders after constructing new factories after World War II, to replace those destroyed in the war, with American factories consequently lagging behind. With the launch of my new website design, I will be in the website twenty-first century.

After on-again, off-again efforts over the years to find a webmaster, fortunately, a lightbulb finally went off in my head to call a fellow lawyer who represents many Internet companies. He pointed me in the right direction to the woman I chose to be my webmaster.

As to the excruciating exercise of not adding many blog entries during my transition to a new webdesign, I have tried with only limited success to draw inspiration from Baba Hari Dass, who for many years, possibly through today now in his nineties, would limit his messages to phrases on a chalkboard around his neck. Check out Baba Hari Dass’s remarkable story in Be Here Now, on his quotes page, on his photos page, and in the videos here and here.

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