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Entering the circle of the story

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I frequently write about the persuasive power of storytelling. Here is a nice addition to my storytelling links: Asheville lawyer Stephen P. Lindsay’s article on “Storytelling: Why We Do It & How to Get Better.”

One of the article’s best parts is Lindsay’s discussion of entering the circle of the story:

Entering The Circle: In order to be effective as a story teller, you must get inside the circle of the story, viewing the story from within, being an actual part of the events. You must bring the jury into this circle. What I mean by this is that we tend to view, and present, our cases from the outside looking in. In turn, we present our cases from a distance…

Thanks, Steve, for your article. I add the following:

Storytelling must not be limited to being a spectator sport. Before going to bed tonight, see what happens when you try riveting storytelling to work out a problem or to get a point across, and when you empower another person to tell a story. Here are some good storytelling links:

– Art of Advocacy page. Includes some good links.

– Sunwolf (see her biography here): An amazing woman, storyteller, trial lawyer and teacher, and communications teacher all rolled into one.

– James Elkins’s links on lawyers and storytelling, and everybody and storytelling.

– “The Art of Storytelling” – By trial lawyer Paul Luvera

National Storytelling Network.

– California Indian Songs and Stories. A lengthy video giving a view of Indian storytelling.

– Ira Glass on Storytelling – See all the Ira Glass YouTube videos in the series. This video conveys how no matter how boring the material otherwise might be, the listener can feel s/he’s on a train with a destination. The audience can be kept interested by interspersing the story with direct questions (e.g., “Why did it happen?”) and indirect questions (“The house was very quiet,” which makes the listener ask “Why was the house quiet?”).

Storytelling in the classroom – A YouTube video. Every student needs a story that s/he wants to tell.

YouTube links to storytelling and children.

Tell me a story.

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