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Fairfax criminal case- How much does your defense cost?

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Fairfax criminal case defense- How much does your DUI, felony and misdemeanor defense cost?

Fairfax criminal case defense cost — and the cost for all Virginia DUI and criminal defense — is an important concern of all people accused in criminal court. As a Fairfax criminal lawyer, I repeatedly meet with potential clients who are aware that their lawyer’s attorney fees are only one part of their financial obligations for their case, in that any conviction brings with it additional financial obligations.

How do I afford and pay for my Fairfax criminal case defense lawyer?

Most people do not set aside money specifically for Fairfax criminal case defense nor defense of any Virginia DUI or criminal prosecution. For those who choose to hire a private lawyer rather than to apply for a court-appointed attorney on the basis of indigency, they look to their liquidated and non-liquidated assets; loans from banks and other financial institutions, as well as from family members and friends; and sometimes increasing their employment income, for instance through working extra hours or an additional job.

How does Fairfax criminal lawyer Jon Katz bill for Virginia DUI and criminal defense?

For your Fairfax criminal case and any Virginia criminal and DUI defense, I typically, I offer a free initial in-person confidential consultation about a person’s court-pending case. At the conclusion of that first meeting with me, most people feel more knowledgeable and confident about their defense, regardless of whom they hire. That consultation provides me sufficient information for me to quote a fee during that meeting, which usually is a flat fee. I accept all forms of monetary payment except not business nor personal checks.

What additional costs and expenses should I expect as part of my \Virginia criminal or DUI defense?

For trial and case preparation in your Fairfax criminal case or other Virginia criminal defnese, expenses will be involved for pursuing some of the proactive self improvement steps that I recommend, with most of those expenses being modest. If you wish a reliable record of your Virginia District Court proceeding, you will incur the expense of a court reporting company. Investigator expenses — when needed — can be another cost, for instance. If you win your case, you can avoid the following expenses that you will otherwise have to pay: Court fines and costs; any probation supervision fees; and any private psychological counseling or other private programs that are required as a condition of probation. For Virginia DUI convictions under Virginia Code § 18.2-266, you will have expenses for the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP), monthly payment for driving restricted with the alcohol Ignition Interlock device, and increased car insurance fees.

If I am guilty anyway, why should I even bother hiring a lawyer?

Merely because you have violated the Virginia criminal or DUI lawyer does not automatically mean you will be convicted in your Fairfax criminal case or other Virginia case, at least not if you obtain a qualified criminal defense lawyer. Many of my acquittals involve people who actually committed the accused crime, but the prosecutor was unable to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. For those who want to pursue a negotiated settlement before deciding whether to proceed to trial, I go after the most favorable possible settlement. For those who unfortunately get convicted, I pursue the most favorable sentence for you. To learn what I can do for you and your defense, call my staff at 703-383-1100 to schedule your free initial in-person consultation with me about your court-pending case.