Random thoughts through April 10, 2016

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Apr 10, 2016 Random thoughts through April 10, 2016

My Sunday blogposts sometimes veer beyond the law, including occasional consolidated random thoughts collected over the weeks on Twitter and elsewhere


SCOTUS imposes some protection against pretrial freezing of a criminal defendant’s untainted assets. Luis v. U.S.

SCOTUS confirms the hoops needed to overcome an Indian tribe’s aauthority over reservation land. Nebraska v. Parker.

D.C. Cir. addresses discovery of evidence following alleged violation of right to remain silent.

D.C. Cir. vacates federal trial judge’s refusal to honor joint motion to exclude deferred prosecution agreement period from Speedy Trial Act calculation.

D.C. Cir. affirms mootness-based dismissal of injunction action against prosecution, where prosecution risk is remote.

SCOTUS’s April 4 decision on AEDP

SCOTUS’s April 4 decision on one person, one vote.

Va.- Conditioning a dismissal on community service does not preclude expungment. Brown v. Com. (Va. Sup. Ct. 2009)


Black mail carrier handcuffed by NYPD while delivering packages, video shows” – The Washington Post

Praised be video, here showing police wrongfully assaulting a student in Baltimore.

Support for marijuana legalization has hit an all-time high”

On Good Friday, 4 peace activists were arrested after praying on the sidewalk outside the Pentagon. The arrested activists included Dominican Sisters Carol Gilbert and Ardeth Platte, who inspired the inmate nun characterd in Orange is the New Black,

On morale problems at nuclear missile sitesUSA TODAY

The Va. Sec. of Com.’s Extradition Manual (2011)

Donald Trump’s Lawyer Allegedly Threatened Harvard Lampoon Students”. Who wants such a president?

Here are 6 Companies That Get Rich off Prisoners”

Amnesty International: Alarming rise in global executions in 2015

WSJ/NBC “Poll: 33% of Sanders Supporters Wouldn’t Vote for Clinton

How Clinton’s email scandal took root” – The Washington Post

Lawrence West is an early Rare Essence hip hop singer working security at the Fairfax courthouse. Herb Feemster of Peaches and Herb became a federal courthouse security officer after having been a D.C. police officer after his Peaches & Herb stint.


Watch what happens when treating obstacles as moving clouds, with clouds ever-changing and impossible to attach to in time, place nor sense. We can see a moving river in the same way.

A wise person told me recently “You cannot unsee these things,” with “these things” being traumatic events.

Naïveté and paranoia/suspicion need not simply to be balanced. The two can be transcended to grow exponentially as a human.

Every person has the potential to surrender to the performance on stage. How powerful it is for the performer to reach that point.

D.C. Magistrate Judge Gretchen Rohr talks Meditation.

My old dentist Howard Tolk- Treat patients like “they were your only patient, they have to pass a lot of offices to come to you”.

T’ai chi ch’uan great Ben Lo asked his teacher Cheng Man-ching why “I still can’t push you?” Answer: “Do you think I’ve stopped improving?”

From @ZENandTAO: “Make the crooked straight. Make the straight to flow. Gather water, fire and light. Bring the world to a single point.” — Ming-Dao Deng

Zoketsu Norman Fischer on six ways to deal with life’s toughness.

Martial arts teachers address a police officer’s jiu jitsu approach with a resisting arrestee.

Sometimes words only need to shoot themselves between the proverbial eyes, w/o fancy language. Perfume doesn’t make a bullet any more effective.

How to bridge the gap between the magnificence & profundity of life on the one hand, with the banality of a visit to a K-Mart, on the other?

How can one be lonely and non-dualistic at the same time? That is not possible.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response..” -Victor Frankl

Neuroscience Learns What Buddhism Has Known for Ages: There Is No Constant Self”

Ram Dass on WRVR radio 1973-

On peace activist John Schuchardt, whom I met in 1998- here, here and here.

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