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Renewing moment to moment, rather than waiting for each new year

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Jan 01, 2017 Renewing moment to moment, rather than waiting for each new year

Happy new year to all.

January 1 is a human-made, rather than natural, marker for the earth’s full revolution around the sun. It is good to remember that we are part of a huge solar system that is part of a much larger galaxy, and that somehow the earth stays on orbit after these billions of years, neither closer to the sun to get us too hot nor farther from the sun to get us too cold.

No matter how tumultuous human affairs seem to become become — whether that be the incoming Buffoon-In-Chief, the madness of ISIL’s rampant terrorism, our overgrown criminal justice system that further entrenches our police state, or take your pick — the earth travels undisturbed on the same course, and the sun burns just as bright.

During the few days approaching the new year, many people reflect on the renewal represented by a new year, and make resolutions, whether they have a realistic chance of being kept or not.

Feeling renewal can be good for the human spirit and for human accomplishment. We need not wait for a new year to feel renewal. Ideally, we will feel renewal from moment to moment. If we falter, we can get right back up. If a lawyer or witness flubs a line in court, s/he has another line waiting to be delivered. If a criminal defendant did in fact commit the alleged crime, s/he can still move forward and must fight tooth and nail in court.

In trial battle and all other combat, one moment unfolds into a renewed new moment, into a renewed next moment, and so on. The present moment is the only reality we have. When we live and battle fully in the present moment, we are at our strongest, most effective, most alive and most fulfilled.

We have many challenges to staying in the current moment, never holding on to the past moment, nor dwelling on the as yet-unarrived next moment. Simple meditative and mindfulness practice —  coupled with good diet, rest and exercise — help us live and battle in the present moment.

Consequently, I wish you not only a happy new year, but a happy and productive present moment and next moment.

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