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Marijuana- Follow Alaska’s retail legalization example

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Why do I get so excited each time marijuana becomes lawful to use (medicinally and recreationally) and even sell at the retail level, and when the laws governing other drugs are eased?

This is about expanding civil liberties, reversing our overgrown police state and criminal “justice” system, and achieving a better society. I have no plans to consume marijuana nor other non-prescription/non-over-the-counter drugs. Were I selfish, I would not advocate legalizing and decriminalizing drugs, because that could spell fewer drug clients for me. I decline to be selfish.

Legal sales of marijuana mean tax revenue from the sales. Beyond that, we need to legalize the growth and sale of domestic industrial hemp, whereas now industrial hemp producers in such countries as China and Canada reap big profits selling hemp material and such hemp products in the United States as paper, food products (from hemp seeds), and fiber for clothing and rope.

Let adult consumers decide the balance of harms and benefits of consuming marijuana medicinally and recreationally (and never drive under the influence of marijuana).

The drug wars have been the cause of untold misery on drug defendants, excessive shredding of the Fourth Amendment, excessive incarceration, excessive policing, and excessive billions of dollars straining and diverting limited governmental budgets.

Countless police delight at smelling marijuana, as a pretext to searching people, their cars, and their belongings.

Federal and state governments love seizing assets allegedly related to drug crimes, salivating over the money that results from selling assets seized under drug asset forfeiture laws.

Thanks and congratulations to Alaska’s voters for the state’s successful 2014 referendum both to legalize possession of marijuana (but not to use it in public places) and to permit retail sales of marijuana. Here are the governing Alaska statutory and regulatory provisions on marijuana, and here is a fact sheet.

The names of some of the approved Alaska marijuana retailers are at once delightfully eye-catching and possible fodder for anti-marijuana crusaders to argue not to take marijuana retailers seriously. Their names include: Frozen Budz, Raspberry Roots, Herbal Cache and Weed Dudes.

At the end of October 2016, two retailers already made legal marijuana sales in Alaska, on October 28 for Pakalolo Supply Co., and on October 29 for Herbal Outfitters.


Let the walls keep crumbling down on the laws against marijuana possession, use and sales. Reasonably regulate and tax marijuana.