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“False Positives Equal False Justice”

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Thanks to the Marijuana Policy Project for distributing free copies online of John Kelly’s "False Positives Equal False Justice".

The report asserts that: "This two-year scientific/legal investigation reveals a drug testing regime of fraudulent forensics used by police, prosecutors, and judges which abrogates every American’s Constitutional rights. The report is a call to action by former FBI chief scientist and narcotics officer, Dr. Frederic Whitehurst and writer and forensic drug expert, John Kelly, for lawmakers to enact a moratorium on the use of these tests and to create the necessary oversight and control of drug testing to protect the public’s basic freedoms. While the report does not examine blood or urine drug tests, it does examine in depth lab tests as well as field tests used by police, jails, schools, border guards, parents and others to determine if a suspected substance is in fact an illegal drug."

Thanks to local lawyer Paul McGlone, whose website alerted me to "False Positives Equal False Justice".

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