Trump wants justices “in the mold of” Scalia and McCain offers obstruction to Clinton SCOTUS nominees

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Oct 18, 2016 Trump wants justices “in the mold of” Scalia and McCain offers obstruction to Clinton SCOTUS nominees

With each presidential election, I warn of the decades-lasting implications of presidential appointments of judges to the Supreme Court, the federal appellate courts, and the federal trial courts. These are lifetime appointments.

The Supreme Court alone has one vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, and up to two to three further vacancies during the next president’s term of office, as Justices Ginsburg and Kennedy already are octogenarians and Justice Breyer is 78. The federal appellate and trial courts constantly have vacancies. The longer these vacancies do not get filled, the longer the federal courts’ dockets get clogged. Justice delayed can be justice denied.

Donald Trump wants justices “very much in the mold of” the late Antonin Scalia, whom I never wanted on the Supreme Court. He has listed twenty one potential Supreme Court nominees while in the same breath praising the input of the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation, neither of which are great friends of civil liberties.

Longtime Senator John McCain, desperate to hold onto his seat on November 8, has flip-flopped from on October 17, 2016, assuring Republican action against Supreme Court nominations by a president Hillary Clinton to issuing a clarifying statement later in the day watering down that position. Of course, with McCain’s not being on the Senate Judiciary Committee, his position on judgeships is accordingly limited.

Thus far, Senate Republicans have blocked even holding a hearing over President Obama’s March 2016, nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to fill Justice Antonin Scalia’s vacant Supreme Court seat. That is a premonition of things to come with filling Supreme Court and lower federal court judgeships, depending on how many Republicans win Senate elections next month.

Consequently, please keep the foregoing situation in mind when voting for a president and senator.


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