Federal indictment portrays police terrorism of Hispanics in East Haven

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Jan 25, 2012 Federal indictment portrays police terrorism of Hispanics in East Haven

Four East Haven, Connecticut, police were federally indicted last week for systematically terrorizing Hispanics. The lengthy indictment is here, and follows two years after the filing of a pending federal civil rights lawsuit alleging mistreatment of Hispanics by the East Haven police department, and naming three of the four indicted police among the civil suit’s defendants.

As criminal defendants, the indicted East Haven police officers are presumed innocent. Sadly, if the allegations are true, this is another key reason why I urge to drastically shrink the size of the criminal justice system in order to have a higher quality criminal justice system that is less expensive, and employs the best candidates, and properly trains and supervises them, and appropriately rewards strong performers. We best shrink the criminal justice system by legalizing marijuana, prostitution, and gambling; heavily decriminalizing all other drugs; eliminating mandatory minimum sentencing; eliminating per se rules in drunk driving cases; and eliminating the death penalty. 

I grew up just twenty-five miles down the road from East Haven, but never got off the highway to visit there. Before learning of the chilling allegations in this indictment, I associated East Haven with the city’s Foxon Park soda that is served at the famous Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven. With this indictment, soda pop is the farthest from my mind. 

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