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Federal prosecutor caught in child sexual solicitation sting

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Image from National Park Service’s website.

Police routinely pose as children — and sometimes as their parents — in an attempt to lure people into soliciting minors for sexual activity. Apparently, police usually arrest before it can be determined whether the suspect really intends to carry out a sexual liaison, or is just going to the edge of fantasy and nothing more; as a forensic psychologist has testified for one of my clients, sometimes the planning and meeting stage is intended to end right there, with any sexual activity being exclusively in the realm of fantasy.

Will prosecutors and police think twice about such over-stinging and over-arresting for sexual solicitation of minors, now that one of their own — John David R. Atchison —  has recently been stung and arrested? Or, will they claim that the prosecution of Mr. Atchison just goes to show that they do not discriminate about whom they investigate, arrest and prosecute? Jon Katz.