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Feds to finally stop raids where medical marijuana is legal

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In early February 2009, I wrote about the dissonance between the then-recent federal raid on several Los Angeles medical marijuana dispensaries and Barack Obama’s disinclination –expressed during the campaign — to waste federal resources to interfere with medical marijuana activities in states that permit doctors to prescribe marijuana as medicine.

Fortunately, on February 27, 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder reassured that the dissonance will be eliminated with no more such medical marijuana raids.

However, this positive development does not bring medical marijuana users out of the woods automatically. Not all states permit marijuana dispensaries. In California, where dispensaries are found in many parts of the state, the restrictions are tight in San Diego, where the local newspaper reports:

"Cesar Solis, a San Diego assistant police chief, said department investigators do not target legitimate medical-marijuana caregivers or patients. ‘But most of the dispensaries we’ve investigated are not in compliance,’ Solis said. ‘They’re generally claiming to be caregivers for patients. The patients may be legitimate, but the caregivers are not, and we’re finding excessive amounts of marijuana at these places.’ Qualified caregivers in San Diego can have no more than 2 pounds of marijuana on hand."

Fortunately, medical marijuana users have other beautiful parts of California to move to besides San Diego.