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Fight back against First Amendment denigration in obtaining a search warrant. Buy Capitol Hemp products and Flex Your Rights products

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By now, I have for years been wearing my "GOT A WARRANT?" t-shirt parody on the "GOT MILK?" campaign, replete with the Fourth Amendment on the back, and the Flex Your Rights muscle symbol on the sleeve. I have passed by countless police in this t-shirt, never being hassled or asked about it.

However, add a Flex Your Rights product to a pro-hemp store, and what happens? The inventory of Capitol Hemp stores in Washington, D.C., included  10 Rules for Dealing with Police (disclaimer– Flex Your Rights lists me on its board of advisors), and received significant mention as a basis in the police application that successfully obtained a warrant to search Capitol Hemp stores, saying:

"While your Affiant was looking at the smoking devices U/C [redacted] observed a DVD that was for sale entitled "10 Rules for Dealing with Police". The DVD gave the following listed topics that were covered as: A. Deal with traffic stops, street stops and police at your door. B. Know your rights and maintain your cool, and; C. Avoid common police tricks and prevent humiliating searches. Your Affiant notes that while this DVD is informative for any citizen, when introduced into a store that promotes the use of a controlled substance this DVD becomes a tool for deceiving law enforcement to keep from being arrested. The typical citizen would not need to know detailed information as to US Supreme Court case law regarding search and seizure because they are not transporting illegal substances in fear of being caught."

Flex Your Rights has surely helped save countless people — both those committing crimes and not — from police detention, arrests, and convictions, through their free online (and purchased offline) Busted video, which is linked to every page of my blog. While I regret to say that I have not yet taken the time to watch FYR’s follow-up 10 Rules for Dealing with Police, the video title gives its purpose.   

When you walk into my office reception area, you will see my magazine offerings of High Times (here is why I first subscribed in 1990), Rolling Stone, and National Geographic. It is my First Amendment right to have those magazines there, and no search warrant application should rely on them. Shame on the police who are responsible for including a focus on 10 Rules in its search warrant application. Everyone should encourage more material like 10 Rules to be produced and disseminated, to help us reverse the police state and hyper-national security that too much represent the current situation in the United States, and to better approach a civil liberties-protecting state.

Fight back against this First Amendment denigration in obtaining the Capitol Hemp search warrant, by buying Capitol Hemp products and Flex Your Rights products, and by donating to Flex Your Rights.