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Flex Your Rights’ ongoing discussion of Barry Cooper’s video

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FlexYourRights has an ongoing discussion of Barry Cooper’s Never Get Busted video. I have written about Never Get Busted here and here.

Following is a February 20 posting I placed on the FlexYourRights site on this topic:

Barry Cooper says he terrorized families as a cop.

On this thread, Barry Cooper has said:

– “An asshole cop like I was and the majority of cops WILL SEARCH YOUR CAR WHEN GIVEN A REFUSAL!!!”

– “[M]y family and I were terrorized by law enforcement just as I use to terrorize families when I was a cop.”

After admitting to the above two egregious practices when he was a police officer, Mr. Cooper says “Please view [buy] my dvd.”

I applaud Mr. Cooper for admitting to such past police behavior. However, I feel all the more uncomfortable buying his DVD with his above-listed admissions, without hearing from him (e.g., on his website, and without being implored to buy his video for his explanation for such behavior) why he acted that way as a cop, what made him recognize such behavior was wrong, and what he is doing and will do (beyond selling his DVD) to try to persuade cops — from rookies to the most experienced cops — to encourage them not to act that way.

I feel so strongly about this, because police misconduct is rampant, and too many of my clients suffer from it. Such misconduct will not stop or abate enough until everybody insists on and achieves a radical and positive overhaul of policing and police hiring/ training/supervision/discipline; and a radical and positive overhaul of the criminal justice system (including heavily decriminalizing drugs (and legalizing marijuana, at the very least), eliminating mandatory minimum sentences, and eliminating criminal penalties for activities as minor as prostitution).

To justice for all. Jon.

Jon Katz.