Following the lessons of Lao Tzu

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Apr 01, 2007 Following the lessons of Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu, the purported author of the Tao te ching. (Image from the public domain).

One day while leading us in t’ai chi practice, my teacher Len Kennedy — who is one of the two lawyers who inspired me to practice t’ai chi — told us that the only way to reach tao while practicing t’ai chi together is to move in unison.

Similarly, reaching victory for our clients calls for harmonious teamwork. One of my favorite clients recently paid homage to the team that he quickly joined on the road to his phenomenal victory. I post his following message because of what he says about the teamwork of our staff, my law partner Jay Marks, and our expert witnesses: 

In my case Jon Katz produced results that only he could achieve. His amount of preparation and research clearly made a huge difference. He took the fight to the prosecutor from the first moment he was retained, keeping his foot on the prosecutor’s neck the entire case, from bail to discovery to sentencing. 

I was facing 5 years in prison, and the loss of my job and home.

My house was raided at 4am by 15 law enforcement officers. They found a  bedroom converted into a grow room with a few dozen marijuana plants. The state went before a grand jury and indicted me on 5 counts including intent to distribute, and manufacturing marijuana. 

It was time to get lawyered up. I did a lot research, Jon Katz’s name kept coming up. He was highly recommended by NORML. I had seen him on the O’Reilly Factor, and was impressed with his ability to deflect O’Reilly’s constant stream of nonsense and stay on point. I knew it would take a courageous attorney to mount my defense. The moment I spoke with Jon I knew he was the right man for the job.

Here are some of the things that Jon Katz did for me. With the teamwork of Jon and his law partner Jay Marks, I never spent a minute in jail. In fact I was never arrested, handcuffed or fingerprinted. The authorities set my bail at $100,000.00. Jon and Jay had it reduced to zero.

After Jon filed numerous legal motions, added our top-notch marijuana grow experts to our team, and went to work with our experts, the prosecutor agreed to drop all the charges in exchange for a plea to simple misdemeanor marijuana possession, with a request for probation. 

With the help of a medical doctor, Jon convinced the judge to fine me $100 under the state’s medical marijuana law, with no jail time or probation. 

That was not good enough for Jon. He insisted I go back before the judge. He filed a motion to convert the guilty verdict to a result of probation with no probation time. In late March 2007, the state argued that Jon and I had already made a mockery of the system and the judge should deny the motion. The judge then handed Jon his last victory in my case and had it converted from a guilty to probation with no probation time. Because of Jon Katz’s representation I sit here a free man afforded a second chance. I am sure without Jon Katz I would either be in a cell somewhere or pissing in a jar at a probation officers office.

Thanks Jon, Jay and Staff. You are quite simply the best.

[Thanks back at you, for giving us the chance to fight along with you for your victory, and to savor the end result.]  Jon Katz.

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