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From protecting drug addicts to sealing criminal records

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Image from Library of Congress’s website.

Here are some useful links that are destined for addition to my links page.  

– British Columbia’s Supreme Court gives protections against drug laws to drug-addicted people. PHS Community Services Society v. Attorney General of Canada2008 BCSC 661 (decided May 2008).

– An excellent sample Freedom of Information Act request letter, from the American Civil Liberties Union.

– The District of Columbia’s Criminal Record Sealing Act of 2006. The D.C. Public Defender Service has a free information packet with sample motions for those wishing to file pro se, by calling or visiting PDS. For sealing in jurisdictions bordering D.C., Maryland’s expungement application process is the simplest, generally requiring the completion of two triplicate one page forms. Virginia’s sealing procedure requires filing an entirely new lawsuit for such relief. An attorney should be consulted before applying to seal or expunge criminal records, particularly by people who are not United States citizens and who need to have their criminal records reviewed periodically for such matters as security clearances. Jon Katz.