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Gatewood Galbraith leaves the planet

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In 1990, before Al Gore invented the Internet, I obtained a substantial bulk of my information about the marijuana legalization movement from High Times magazine, which I started subscribing to in protest of a federal prosecutor’s subpoena of the magazine’s advertiser records, apparently looking to go after the customers of indoor hydroponic growing equipment sellers.

Through High Times, I heard about such colorful marijuana legalization advocates as Jack Herer, the Lone Reefer, perennial Kentucky third party or independent candidate Gatewood Galbraith, Don Fiedler, Keith Stroup, and numerous federal medical marijuana recipients. I ultimately met all on the foregoing list, except for Gatewood and several of the federal medical marijuana recipients.

Thanks to the listserv member who sent the news that yesterday Gatewood left his body. I did not know much else about Gatewood other than what I have listed above, other than that he practiced criminal defense, and the theme about Kentucky being a natural place for hemp to be grown as a cash crop.

Sending all good karma to Gatewood and his family.