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Gerry Spence: Persuasion master

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For the first time, I have found an online video of Gerry Spence, here. I have interacted several times with Gerry through the Trial Lawyers College. He has very positively influenced my growth as a person and as a lawyer.

Watch how Gerry paints powerful and persuasive word pictures in this video. He encourages lawyers to be their most persuasive by discovering and applying their own selves, their own realness, and their own magic, combined with fully understanding their opponents and the people they are trying to persuade. In other words, the goal is not for a lawyer to be another Gerry Spence, but to bring the lawyer’s own power front and center, and to put up with the struggle and pain that almost inevitably go along with the process of harnessing the power of the Velveteen Rabbit. Jon Katz.