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Getting filtered out by “child-friendly” blocking software

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Computer hard drive. (Image from Pacific Northwest Laboratory’s website).

While away from home and at a hotel this past week, I got onto a computer to check something on our website. Lo and behold, our static front page (https://markskatz.com) and Underdog blog were filtered out by so-called "child-friendly" blocking software.

I was able to access several other pages from our website, including our links page and even our First Amendment page, which includes discussion about our adult entertainment law practice. Curiously, my biographical page is blocked, but not my law partner Jay Marks’s bio. I do not know which filtering software the hotel uses. Sometimes, the computer redirected from blocked pages from our site to CyberSleuth Kids, but it does not seem that filtering is provided by that website.

While individuals and private entities (as opposed to government) are free to install Internet filtering-blocking software, when people do so, they are dealing with technology that has been known even to block such websites as Planned Parenthoods (for discussing abortion).

Of course, I do not plan to change our website to pass through filtering software. If any of you have experienced the filtering of any of our webpages, please let me know. Jon Katz.