Give the Constitution teeth on Constitution Day and every day

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Sep 17, 2016 Give the Constitution teeth on Constitution Day and every day

Yesterday was Constitution Day.

The United States Constitution was signed by the founders on 1787.

The United States Constitution first was passed without the Bill of Rights, which became effective in 1791.

The United States is in a dark time when anti-terror and anti-crime efforts have repeatedly been used to batter the Constitution. Neither major party presidential candidate should be expected to push much of a pro-civil liberties agenda, and Donald Trump is the scariest of the two in that score, because as a president he is likely to be more about brute force and shooting from the hip than would be a president Hillary Clinton, and Trump is wedded to nominating Supreme Court and other federal court judges that are more likely to be hostile to civil liberties than Hillary Clinton’s judicial candidates.

In Donald Trump’s favor, though, he seems to be less of a war hawk than Hillary Clinton, who seems to be much more of a hawk than President Obama. Trump would be a disaster as a president, at best, and Clinton is no prize either.

We must give teeth to the Constitution every day.

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