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Government wastes money by focusing on marijuana busts

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Government wastes money and resources by focusing on marijuana busts. As I have said before, in these recessionary times, it is all the more important to shrink the criminal justice system by legalizing marijuana, prostitution and gambling; heavily decriminalizing all other drugs; eliminating mandatory minimum prison terms and the death penalty; and eliminating per se rules in drunk driving cases. That will not only provide us a much less expensive criminal justice system, but will provide for a more manageable and higher quality criminal justice system with better quality people at the policing, judging, courthouse, prosecuting, defending, jailing, and probation/parole levels.

Unfortunately, federal medical marijuana recipient Elvy Musikka, whom I met in 1991, recounts being detained last week over her legal federally-provided medical marijuana (see here, too). If the police are going to present people with problems over federally-provided marijuana, where will they stop with those following state laws for receiving, using, growing and providing medical marijuana?