Happy Chanukah

Dec 20, 2011 Happy Chanukah

On this blog, I talk about spirituality from time to time on Sundays, including the power of non-attachment in Buddhism, Ram Dass and his guru Neem Karoli Baba, and the power of zero limits in Ho’oponopono. 

Today, I wish all those who observe the holiday a happy Chanukah.

Chanukah is a very festive minor holiday (at least in the sense that even religious Jews work during the holiday) — and is not a parallel to Christmas, even though it takes place closeby, and even though some Jews seek it as a surrogate for Christmas — when the miracle of lights is celebrated. For me, it is a celebration of the light of truth and self-awareness and justice, and of underdogs standing up for themselves with the Maccabees fighting (albeit apparently often quite bloodily) for religious freedom and for independence against Greek-supported occupation.

Chanukah is also a time that I leave work early to be with my family on the first night of the holiday, lighting the menorah and spending a special time together. Happy Chanukah.  

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