Have you been inundated with “undeliverable” emails?

Apr 23, 2008 Have you been inundated with “undeliverable” emails?

Computer hard drive. (Image from Pacific Northwest Laboratory’s website).

Starting this past Monday night and running into yesterday morning, I got flooded with a few hundred e-mails — many from Russia and elsewhere overseas, and many with attachments that I did not open — proclaiming that e-mails I never sent were undeliverable. I tried setting my webhost’s filtering software to reject emails with such titles as undeliverable, postmaster and daemon. Whether or not it was coincidental, the flood reduced to a steady stream and then a trickle.

Did any of you experience the same thing? If so, how did you resolve the problem? A colleague who uses the same sitehost as ours told me it happened to him, and that his spam filtering software had to play catch-up to start filtering out such spam e-mail. (For some light diversion, see Monty Python’s Spam sketch that gave birth to computer spaminology.)

Thanks to our sitehost for sending me the following message describing this flood of spam: "I just added an SPF record It should help. This is a byproduct of spammers called backscattering"

Spam is a thorny cost of my insistence that spamming be strongly protected by the First Amendment. Jon Katz.

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