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HIPS is Hiring

Call Us: 703-383-1100

Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive ("HIPS") is a great public interest organization in Washington, DC, that focuses on harm reduction for sex workers. Sex workers do not need paternalism, prohibition, or criminal law enforcement; fortunately, HIPS does none of that, and includes a focus on getting HIV/AIDS information where it is needed, together with condom distribution and the HIPS van that brings human support and snacks to sex workers with whom HIPS has become tremendously popular, as well as assistance to sex workers who want to leave such work, by providing help with drafting resumes and interviewing for jobs. HIPS also helps sex workers who are abused by their pimps and customers.

I am privileged to be a past officer and board member of HIPS (2002-05) and our firm continues to provide financial support to HIPS.

Because many Underdog readers are public interest-oriented, perhaps some of you will know of suitable candidates for HIPS’s current opening for a Program Administration Assistant. Details are here about this job opening, as well as how you can donate to and volunteer with HIPS. Jon Katz.