The atomic bombing of Hiroshima- 71 years later

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Aug 06, 2016 The atomic bombing of Hiroshima- 71 years later

First, the United States government threw west coast Japanese-Americans into barren concentration camps starting in 1942, urinating on their dignity and robbing them of their freedom, property, and careers. The United States Supreme Court shamefully approved it. Then, years later, the United States not only atom-bombed Hiroshima, but then Nagasaki three days later.

In August 1999 I visited the Hiroshima Peace Park, during my vacation, en route from Kyoto to Himeji Castle, thanks to the ease of the shinkansen/bullet trains. I folded some origami peace cranes in advance for this and other spots at the park, and placed them at the mound of ashes of 70,000 victims of the bombing, and at the Sadako memorial.

I know many of the arguments for and against this bombing. The pro-arguments are diminished by the immediate atom-bombing of Nagasaki just three days later.

Many governments and possibly even non-governmental groups possess atomic weapons, far more deadly and precise than the ones dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This nuclear madness must end. Easier said than done.


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