The Dallas sniper killings of police – madness

Jul 08, 2016 The Dallas sniper killings of police – madness

Who killed and wounded numerous Dallas police last night? Were they protestors? Terroristic opportunists?

If they were protestors, violence is not an acceptable response to police misconduct, beyond lawful and reasonable self defense, at least in states whose laws allow such self defense against police. Moreover, the recent police shootings were not in Dallas, but in Baton Rouge and Minnesota. It goes without saying that Dallas police should not be held accountable for police in other jurisdictions.

If the shooters instead had a terroristic or other chaotic agenda, what motivated them? Who are they associated with? What is needed to preventing repeats of last night’s shooting of police?

Violence begets violence. Too many people do not holster their weapons and restrain their fists long enough to pursue peaceful alternatives to communicating and resolving disputes.

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