Honor mothers and Mothers’ Day by not eating them nor their children (May 2012)

May 13, 2012 Honor mothers and Mothers’ Day by not eating them nor their children (May 2012)

The following blog entry is a re-print from the May 2009 original:

Colman McCarthy put it well in 2003 when he said he will not eat anything that had a mother.

Today, words praising mothers pour in from individuals and greeting card companies. How many of the same people speaking those words are going to eat mothers and their children today?

Let us remember that each land, air and sea animal was born to a mother. Watch the bond between mammalian animals and their children. Watch birds making nests for their children, and showing them how to fly. Watch fish swimming together in schools.

A great untruth, if not lie, is that humans need animals to survive and to be healthy. Since 1988, I have not eaten any meat, fish, or fowl. I am in excellent health. For centuries, hundreds of millions of vegetarians in India have led healthy lives, and continue doing so.

Why make your body into a graveyard for rotting corpses? Meat is delicious? Only as a trojan horse of masqueraded gross rotting flesh and blood. For those who crave the flavor of meat, the refrigerator and freezer cases of natural food stores — and plenty of conventional supermarkets — have delicious substitutes, and large cities have delicious vegetarian sections of Chinese restaurant menus including such analogues. For those who think vegetarian food is boring, check out the vegetarian selections at Indian, Ethiopian and Italian restaurants as an example. Vegetarian-friendly restaurants abound; here is a nationwide list. For some delicious and simple vegetarian recipes, two links are here and here.

Let us truly praise and thank mothers today by not eating them nor their children.

ADDENDUM: Today’s blog entry joins my annual Thanksgiving dissent against the heavy meat-based focus during that holiday. This posting also joins last year’s blog entry blasting the culture of rampant meat-eating for unnecessarily high food costs, heavy pollution through cattle flatus alone, and gross waste of land to feed food animals rather than to feed humans directly.

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