How to find our permalinks’ URLs – Problem solved

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Oct 19, 2006 How to find our permalinks’ URLs – Problem solved

UPDATE TO THIS BLOG ENTRY: October 22, 2006. We have solved the matter that prompted the following blog entry, through the help of our Internet consultants at Daytona Networks, which is also our website’s sitehost. Thanks to the commenter(s) who offered technical problem-solving suggestions.

To our fellow bloggers: After transitioning to real blog software in mid-October 2006, I am now trying to figure out if the new blog software can operate from our original blog URL of I do not yet know whether the htm suffix will prevent doing that. Right now, the blog shows up at that latter address only as a frameset.

Therefore, the easiest way to obtain our trackbacks/permalinks, is to visit our originating blog address at Otherwise, at, you can obtain a permalink by right clicking the trackback or comments or other relevant hyperlink.

I welcome your thoughts for resolving this issue, other than the option of changing our blog address to one that erases .htm as the suffix. Jon Katz

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