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How to transition to prison?

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No matter how good a criminal defense lawyer is in the courtroom, how good is a criminal defense lawyer in helping a client transition to prison, seeing that even the best lawyers have clients who get incarcerated?

No matter what an inmate does to adjust to prison, those outside the prison walls can make a world of difference, by visiting inmates who get no visits from others, by writing to inmates, and by volunteering to teach inmates and to mentor them.

For instance, in Alabama, California, and Seattle, Vipassana meditation practitioners have helped bring inmates more harmony to an otherwise disharmonious situation.

The Human Kindness Foundation does prison outreach, including prison classes and providing free copies of We’re All Doing Time.

Katya Komisaruk, who served prison time after damaging a weapons system as a peace protest, later became a lawyer and wrote Beat the Heat, which includes a chapter on adjusting to prison.

Recently I learned that Drprison.org includes free information from a former inmate(s) on adjusting to prison, including this MP3 on .

The Dr. Prison adjusting to prison tape includes the importance of paying close attention to one’s surroundings from the very beginning to adjust to prison.

Although Wikipedia is riddled with flaws, it often helps in the early stages of research, and this Wikipedia article addresses additional consultants who advise people on adjusting to prison, including for pay.