Human rights now!

Mar 30, 2010 Human rights now!

Except for a short period many months ago, Underdog typically posts blog entries every business day. I did not post yesterday as Passover approached,

To me, Passover is a critical time to remember and recommit to human rights for all.

Passover also is an opportunity to recognize that the Hebrew bible depicts a deity who sometimes is overly harsh, to say the least. The very word Passover comes from the angel of death passing over the homes of people who spread ram’s blood on their doorposts to signify that those homes were not the ones for killing the firstborn children. The very killing of rams for their blood was not kind to rams, either.

The flood in the Noah story unnecessarily killed countless people, if the story is true.

In any event, I do not view the bible(s) as the word of a deity. Passover’s message of universal human rights is a critical one.  

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