If you want more privacy, stay off the Internet and off the phone

Dec 08, 2009 If you want more privacy, stay off the Internet and off the phone

Corporations repeatedly invade customers’ privacy for profit — and perhaps sometimes out of a feeling of patriotism, as well — and the government invades privacy in the face of a population that does not stand up resolutely and united enough against such invasions.

How often and resolutely do communications companies stand up to government subpoenas for information about their customers? How often do such companies instead look at the money they can charge to satisfy a subpoena or government information request?

A December 1, 2009, Wired online article suggests that such communications companies as Cox, Yahoo, Verizon and Comcast are more happy to satisfy government information requests on their customers than to protect their customers’ privacy.

Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, FaceBook, Twitter — and the list goes on — offer a bevy of "free" online services. However, in life — and particularly online — free lunches are a fiction.  

ADDENDUM: Thanks to a fellow listserv member for posting the above-reference December 1 Wired article

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