If you want to reach me, please refrain from bcc

May 09, 2008 If you want to reach me, please refrain from bcc


Image from Library of Congress’s website.

Lately, I have been inundated with a few hundred daily spam emails that do not list my email as the recipient. Such emails get filtered to a box that I have no choice but to empty daily without reviewing the messages. That is too many emails to wade through.

Previously, I would ask people not to send me mass emailings unless I am listed as a bcc party, lest I become the victim of reply-all messages. Now, I still do not want my e-address listed on the first, but I will not be reading the latter, either.

In short, I continue being a victim of the same spam for which I support robust First Amendment protection. Spammers: why alienate one of the people who supports your rights to robust spammingJon Katz.

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