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If your email to us bounced yesterday

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Computer hard drive. (Image from Pacific Northwest Laboratory’s website).

This follows up on this morning’s blog entry about problems for a few hours yesterday afternoon and evening with e-mails to us bouncing back to e-senders. If you received an email that your email to us could not be delivered, it is best to re-send it to us. Our sitehost guru informed me that: "A mailserver standard setup is supposed to keep trying for 5 days when it can’t get though.  Usually they try once an hour, then 2 hrs, then 4 hrs, etc until 5 days." However, when I sent a test message during this downtime to jon@katzjustice.com from my alternative Yahoo address, the bounceback message to my Yahoo account indicated that the Yahoo server gave up on re-trying any re-sending. For that reason, it is best to re-send us any bounced emessages from yesterday.

From our sitehost guru today, I learned that recent sitehost server upgrades account for recent downtime reaching our website for an hour one recent morning during primetime, and for a few infrequent instances of delayed email receipt. The upgrades are for faster surfing of our blog and static website. Have you noticed whether you are getting speedier access to our website now than a few months ago? Jon Katz