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Inspiration from college-age drug reform advocates

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In law school, I was over-concerned about excessive conformity and apathy among too many people at the expense of people sticking their necks, selves and time out for the cause of social justice. Ralph Nader (regardless of what anyone thinks of him otherwise), however, made sense out of this when he spoke at my law school during my first year there (how long it took me to catch on) that we should not concern ourselves with what others are not doing, but instead on motivating ourselves to do good for society’s good.

In that regard, I was floored with inspiration when tonight I walked into the tail-end of the Drug Policy Alliance’s Ethan Nadelmann’s talk to a big crow of electrified drug reform activists attending Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s training and lobbying conference being held up the street from the University of Maryland.

I have enjoyed many interactions with the SSDP and student NORML folks, including speaking to some of their gatherings over the years to spread the gospel about asserting their rights with law enforcement.

This crowd of drug reform activists is energized and focused, and keeps fun in the mix. Keeping fun in the mix attracts and inspires even more activists, and follows Abbie Hoffman’s urging to have fun during the struggle for justice.

Pending my figuring out why I can no longer upload videos to my blog without strange visual results, here is a short link to the conclusion of Ethan Nadelmann’s talk that electrified the crowd at this SSDP conference.