Jon Katz, P.C.

My interview on Russia Today television, about requiring warrants to search cellphones

On June 25, 2014, the United States Supreme Court spectacularly ruled that the Fourth Amendment ordinarily requires police to obtain a search warrant before searching a seized cellphone. Riley v. California, ___ U.S. ___ (June 25,2014).

Here is my June 25 interview on Riley on Russia Today television, which is run by the Russian government. I appeared in the station’s busy Washington, D.C., studio three block from the White House. Hopefully, the human rights-violating Putin government will be inspired by such a civil liberties-protecting case as Riley to better protect human rights in Russia.

ADDENDUM– The Russian Television studio where my interview was taped of course has many Russian speakers working there. My mother’s mother’s parents grew up in the Russian empire, before they moved to the United States before 1910 — with the rest of my great grandparents arriving to the United States by then — decades ahead of the Nazis’ rise to murderous power.

As I waited in the green room, one of the Ukrainian staffers told me some information I did not previously know, about my great grandmother’s birth city of Kremenchuk, Ukraine, saying the city was known for manufacturing diamond dust, I think it was. My great grandfather grew up in Vilna, Lithuania.