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Is weed killer the solution to a large outdoor marijuana grow?

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Even if marijuana were legalized to the extent that alcohol is legal, the government would have an interest in not having it grown surreptitiously by private parties on government property, lest children happen upon it, and lest violent turf battles take place over who gets the opportunity to grow there. Then again, if marijuana were legalized, private growers would not have much incentive to grow marijuana on government property, rather than on private property, where the growers can maintain quality control over the marijuana and minimize theft, destruction, and spoliation.

With the foregoing backdrop, Chicago helicopter-flying police recently found a huge, long-term marijuana grow on government property, shielded from discovery on the nearby highway by obstructed views.

What is Chicago’s answer to this marijuana grow discovery? Remove the plants, burn them, and apply a weed-killing chemical to prevent further marijuana growing.

I suppose that the burning of the plants will be done in such a way that people cannot catch a whiff of the burning, lest they get unintentionally or intentionally high.

Does a safe weed killer exist? As president, Jimmy Carter bungled miserably by allowing (if not ordering) the poisonous paraquat to be sprayed as an answer to the then-huge Mexican marijuana exports to the United States. The NIH”s website confirms paraquat’s highly-toxic status. Paraquat’s manufacturer hails the product as a safe gift to farmers. The European Union last year banned paraquat.

Marijuana needs to be legalized, taxed and regulated like alcohol (except to have no marijuana-dry states nor cities). Legalize marijuana now.