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Jerame Reid- Another fatality victim of excessive force by police

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Not all police use excessive force, but in 2014 alone, we have seen too many unjustified killings by police. 2014 ended with another unjustified killing by police, this time with the killing of Jerame Reid on December 30 by police in Bridgeton, New Jersey.

The police dashcam shows police stopping the car in which Mr. Reid was a passenger, for running a stop sign. One of the two officers claims a gun is in the glove compartment, and tells his partner to get the vehicle’s occupant out of the car, and then gives a mixed message by telling Mr. Reid not to move. Which will it be? Get out of the car or don’t move?

The cop who ordered Mr. Reid not to move acted excessively freaked out by the discovery of the gun, aimed his gun close at Reid, and threatened to shoot him dead if Reid moved. How could Reid have been thinking straight under such threats against his life? Police are not justified for killing people for what Mr. Reid next did, which was merely to get out of the car in a non-threatening way, and without any weapon.

Thank goodness this tragedy had been videotaped for all to see.

Let us not have one more unjustified killing by police before we do our share in insisting to our federal, state and local governments that the criminal justice system get overhauled expeditiously to drastically reduce such injustice.