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Part-Time Legal Assistant (20-30 Hours Weekly)

Bring Your Career To The Next Level

Part-time Secretary (30-35 hours weekly)- Bring your career to the next levelPart-Time Legal Assistant (20-30 hours weekly) - Rewarding, fast-paced work protecting the civil liberties of criminal defendants and DUI clients. Join our winning team at our highly-rated Fairfax criminal litigation law firm.

Your work will make a positive impact on our clients' lives. You will learn indispensable persuasion skills

Our decades of success is grounded in providing clients with great service and a great experience, and persuading on the path of obtaining the best possible outcome for our clients.

This is fast-paced work, like saving lives in a hospital emergency room

The great results we get in court stem from smart and hard work. We seek driven applicants with warm hearts, street smarts, and a strong work ethic.

COLPP is the acronym and simple recipe for succeeding at our law firm, namely: Good Communication, good organization, loyalty as an employee, prompt with your work, and productive.

You will have great opportunities to interact with our clients, court personnel and many others.

We Seek People With College Experience or the Equivalent, You will be well trained.

For this part-time position, we seek candidates with college experience or the equivalent. We will train you well. We seek applicants who will succeed and thrive in the short term and long term.

More About This Job

Key duties of this career opportunity include:

  • Prepare court documents and correspondence, organize client files, handle filings at nearby and other courthouses, handle incoming and outgoing phone calls, schedule appointments, calendar court dates, handle incoming and outgoing mail, handle payments and bank deposits, keep our reception area organized, and order supplies.
  • Assist with such marketing as shooting videos of Jon Katz, maintaining a newsletter database, and sending out informational material.
  • Handle fast-paced, dynamic work, giving full attention to detail and each project objective. The day goes fast.
  • Have a good phone manner.
  • Touch type with a minimum 30 words per minute.
  • MS Word, G-Suite/G-Mail, Google Calendar, Google Voice text messaging, Dropbox, and online court docketing review.
  • Be trained on and use Westlaw legal research software.
  • Have a car to drive to nearby courthouses when needed.

What pay, benefits and rewards do our employees get?

  • We pay and train to retain. We include paid vacation time and paid federal holidays.
  • Onsite parking is free. Our office across the street from the Fairfax courthouse is spacious, beautiful and comfortable.
  • You will have substantial and meaningful contact with clients, witnesses, opposing counsel, and courthouse staff. Our clients are good, presumed-innocent people who often are charged with crimes for the first and only times in their lives, and we help them obtain as much victory as possible and to get on with their lives.

Are You Ready To Jump-Start Your Career?


Please only apply for this position if you meet our above-listed qualifications, and if this job speaks to you, your drive, and your ability.

Please email (in pdf format) us your one-page resume and 1-2 page cover letter that includes your answers to the following questions to 1121@katzjustice.com :

  1. What city or town do you live in?
  2. What inspired you to apply for this job?
  3. What is your ideal weekly work schedule? Work is onsite, Monday through Friday, mainly within 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  4. Why do you prefer part-time rather than full-time work? Please confirm whether you seek part-time work rather than full-time work (we are currently hiring for each).
  5. How soon are you available to start work?
  6. What is your relevant secretarial experience?
  7. What is your experience or interest level in marketing?
  8. What is your salary history during the last five years?
  9. Why did you leave each prior job from the last five years?
  10. Are you a people person?

Please do not call us unless we call you. Employment agencies are asked not to contact us.


We are fully devoted to Equal Employment Opportunity.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to apply.