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Jon Gettman on Marijuana

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A wonderful fringe benefit of my marijuana defense work has involved meeting key players who bring sense to overcome so much of the nonsense of anti-marijuana crusaders. In addition to meeting such players through NORML annual meetings, I have worked with marijuana smell expert Richard Doty, and marijuana grow experts Chris Conrad and Jon Gettman. I have met medical marijuana M.D. Lester Grinspoon by phone, which was a real trip, as his was one of the first names I learned of in the ongoing movement to legalize marijuana. It has also been an honor to know NORML founder Keith Stroup and the late Don Fiedler, who was both a great criminal defense lawyer and past NORML national director.

Teaming with marijuana cultivation experts Chris Conrad and Jon Gettman, I won a Maryland medical marijuana sentence of just a fine followed by a probation before judgment (which means my client has no conviction in the case) on a prosecution for over thirty marijuana plants.

In addition to being a marijuana grow expert, Jon Gettman is a former NORML national director. Jon and I spoke recently, and he graciously permitted me to upload his 2002 article with Virginia caselaw to beat intent to distribute prosecutions in favor of simple possession convictions, which carry drastically lower sentencing exposure. Jon. who lives in Lovettsville, Virginia, also provided me his updated resume. Check out his webpage entitled DrugScience.org.

Thanks, Jon, Chris, Keith, Don, Lester, Richard, and the rest of you who have poured your heart and souls into replacing myth with facts about marijuana. Jon Katz.