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Jon Katz appearing on “Know Your Rights” panel

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Too many clients come to me after having urinated away too many of their rights with the police. Many say they did not know the relevant rights listed in our Know Your Rights webpage and demonstrated in the Busted video. I try to minimize such knowledge lapses by linking our Know Your Rights page to every page on our website. I also enjoy speaking on the topic, so that I can dispel people of such notions that it is better to show the cops where their marijuana is (thus giving up their right to move to suppress the search) rather than diplomatically saying "no", which is a great word to have ready when cops are around. 

Fortunately, the gospel of the Bill of Rights continues circulating. Consequently, for each person who gets arrested after waiving their Constitutional rights, it is my hope that there is at least one other who avoided a prosecution in the first place by refusing to give up their rights.

The next time I will speak publicly about people’s Constitutional rights — outside of the courthouse, that is — will be on the "Know Your Rights" panel, Tuesday, March 11, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. in the Prince George Room at University of Maryland’s Stamp Student Union. The event is sponsored by Students for Sensible Drug Policy; I am checking whether campus NORML is also sponsoring the event. In any event, come on out to this event for a spirited audience-panel discussion about asserting rights against cops and others in the criminal justice system. Jon Katz.